2014 Big Dawg Finals Information2

The Nautique Big Dawg World Tour Finals will be held in conjunction with the USA Waterski NationalsĀ at San Marcos River Ranch in Martindale, Texas on August 14th and 15th. This year’s finals will also feature the first ever Lady Big Dawg Elite 8. We are very excited for another successful finals and hope you will join us for this unique event!

Schedule of Events:
Thursday, August 14th
8:00 am – Qualifying Round 1, Lake #4/Practice Lake
1:00 pm – Qualifying Round 2, Lake #3/Slalom Lake
7:00 pm – Open Reception, Embassy Suites Lounge
7:30 pm – Banquet, Embassy Suites Veramendi ABC

Friday, August 15th
Lady Big Dawg Elite 8 and Big Dawg Sweet 16
5:00 pm – Lake #2/Slalom Lake
*Event follows USA Waterski Nationals competition so time subject to change.

Athletes and officials will each receive a banquet ticket. Additional banquet tickets can be purchased at $40/each for fellow family members and friends here:


The following skiers have been invited to ski at the Big Dawg World Tour Finals:

Andy Mapple
Ben Favret
Bruce Dodd
Chad Scott
Chet Raley
Chris Clark
Darren Janzig
David Bentall
David Miller
Don Aschenbrenner
Don Beaman
Harald Hintringer
Jason Seels
Jay Leach
Jed Blackburn
Jeff Rodgers
Jeremy Newby-Ricci
Jerry Goodson
John Shealy
Kevin Bishop
Kris LaPoint
Kyle Jones
Kyle Tate
Mark Brandt
Mike Robinson
Scot Jones
Scott Larson
Seth Stisher
Steve Schroeder
Thierry Malhomme
Tim Farley
Tim Henderson
Tim Huston
Todd Johnson
Todd Kuykendall
Todd Ristorcelli
Ward McLain

Skiers please register at the link below to accept your invitation to compete. All competitors must be current USA Waterski members. Please update your bio on our website if necessary, as we will be using it for announcements. We look forward to seeing you in Texas!

Online Registration

Update Your Biography


Your field of Lady Big Dawg skiers is as follows:

Lori Krueger
Alison Poulsen
Patricia Corderio
Stephanie Stange
Chelsea Mills
Patrica Burt
Phillippa Shedd
Lynda Jones


Please contact nsteele@nautique.com if you have any questions or need assistance. Thank you, we look forward to seeing you in San Marcos!