2010 Finals

David Miller 1st, Todd Johnson 2nd, Marc Shaw 3rd

September 25 and 26, 2010

Isles of Lake Hancock, Winter Garden, Florida

The Isles of Lake Hancock is a gated community in the southern part of Winter Garden, Florida and about two miles north of the northern boundary of Walt Disney World. It is at the intersection of Porter Road and Isleview Drive.

The Isles of Hancock consists of twin man-made ski lakes, one of which is owned and operated exclusively by the original developers. The other lake (known as Lake Stahling) is operated by the ski club via an agreement which limits membership and guarantees the use of this lake primarily for traditional water skiing purposes.

One of the unique features of this site, other than its outstanding skiing conditions, is its close proximity to the Lake Hancock Chain of Lakes. In fact, many of the homes in this unique community have water frontage on the Hancock chain of Lakes in the back yards while the ski site sits just across the street from the front of these homes.

These lakes have been host to a number of water ski tournaments since their construction including the 2004 Florida State Championships. People who ski here love the site and a number of personal bests have been recorded including one world record slalom performance by Chris Parrish in the 2005 May Record Tournament.


Canada’s David Miller won the 2010 O’Brien Big Dawg  Slalom Series Championship, presented by Nautique, on Sunday at the Isles of Lake Hancock in Winter Garden, Fla.


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