Michigan Big Dawg Practice

Everything is looking good for the Big Dawg.  The site is well-groomed and the Nautique Boats are being prepared to pull some of the best skiers in the country.  The weather is sunny and calm with light wind.  A lot of skiers were practicing and spending some time in between relaxing.  Dave Miller is ready and in good form.  He said he hopes to see some big scores and some guys to step it up and get into a deeper 41.  Ben Favret is healing from his injury and doing well, but was a little quiet about his plan and mentally preparing and studying the wind.   Mike from Alaska typically skis in 60 degree water and was trying to adjust to the warm 75 degree water.  It is impressive that this is his first tournament and he choose to be in the Big Dawg.  He comes with a lot of enthusiasm and appreciation for this sport. 

The water is skiing really well and the temperature of 75 degrees is fantastic for optimum buoy counting.  A slight wind on the water gives it some texture.  If you have not been to this site it is one to put on your tournament list.  

More photos to come and a big thanks to the sponsors and officials who bring the O’Brien Big Dawg Series to life.